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I want people to have equal opportunities to succeed.
I want parents to be able to provide a good life for their children.
I want to support a strong community.
I want to create communities that can contribute to making a healthy economy.

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Detroit has the most-expensive annual car insurance rate in the country…

…averaging $5,464 per year.

Arlyssa’s Story

The Challenge

40 million

people live at or below
the poverty line in the U.S.

75 percent

move above the poverty
line in just 4 years.

50 percent

fall back under the poverty
line within 5 years.

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$400 billion

spent annually fighting the war on poverty. Yet…

Poverty rates have not changed significantly in 50 years.

Community-led solutions are not receiving investment.

Most funds go to deficit-based services.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem.

Families like Arlyssa’s are finding their own solutions.

Imagine a country that invests in those families.

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A technology platform for the exchange of financial and social capital

Financial Capital

On Uptogether, FII makes financial investments on the initiatives that families take. Up to $2,400 over a 2 year period.


Social Capital

Families in our network are investing in each other.

Watching your neighbor’s kids, receiving a ride to work from your neighbor, etc.

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The Platform:


A low-income person who is financially-minded, desires to exchange social capital, and takes pride in being seen for their strengths and contributions to their community.


A member of the philanthropic, government, and corporate sector that will provide capital and/or products that invest in members strengths.

The Impact:

Members exchange goals, solutions, and ideas with one another.

Members provide data through surveys on their households to track their progress towards goals and identifying their strengths for investments.

Partners create a fund. They set a minimum and maximum amount to invest in a member based on geography and strengths.

Based on those parameters, the partner sees the number of members eligible for investment.

Partners hit offer to initiate the investment.

Members view what offers are available to them from partners and choose which investments to accept.

That money goes directly into their bank accounts.

Partners see the impact of their investments over time.


The average investment directly to a family is $3,200. The overall economic impact of a Fii family is $15,180.


Families increase their total liquid assets from $629 to nearly $2,485.


Increase in total income.


Decrease in federal assistance.

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Trust and Invest in Families.

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